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The following is an overview of some of the main applications and whether there is a student version available.  Please note that sometimes the software publisher may remove or alter the terms, in case of conflicting information with this page then their info is authoritative. If you are looking for something not listed here, it is generally easy to find the information by searching for “<application name> student edition” or similar terms.

IMPORTANT:  If you are running software at home and intending to use the same files on Escape workstations, you must ensure that you DO NOT update beyond the versions installed in the college.  Like most large organisations we do not immediately install the newest versions as soon as they are available, and if you receive a prompt to do so on your personal machine you should defer it.  We will not perform a rollout or install a different version “just on this one machine” in cases where a file is from a newer version.

Please be aware that the transaction is between you and the seller of the software.  We cannot provide support or intervene on your behalf, beyond providing you with a signed letter stating the terms of your study.  If this is required, please contact Student Services for Undergraduates or Student Experience for short courses.

Note:  In all cases it is not legal to use student/graduate versions for ANY commercial or paid purposes.  Pay close attention to the terms and conditions for each application.


* COVID-19 Information

Please see the following page for updated links about other packages that have extended special offers around the current situation:

(Please note as mentioned below, we are already aware of and implementing the Adobe offer)


Autodesk Maya / Mudbox

Availability:  Almost all Autodesk software is available for free to students.  

Notes/Restrictions:  For Maya, a notice appears when opening/saving reminding that this is a version for learning only.  Files are compatible with equivalent deployed version installed in Escape, and for submission to Qube network rendering. 



Foundry Nuke/Modo/Mari/Katana

Availability:  Free for first year UG students, heavily reduced cost for others

Notes/Restrictions:  Functionally identical to commercial/educational versions



Pixologic ZBrush

Availability:  A perpetual student license is available for the cost of approximately half of a commercial license.  It can later be upgraded to a full license upon payment of the difference.  

Notes/Restrictions:  No known issues


SideFX Houdini

Availability:  Anyone, even non-students, can download the “Apprentice” edition for free from SideFX.  

Notes/Restrictions:  When used in Apprentice mode, the software is almost completely functional with a few nodes such as Alembic export unavailable, and renders are limited in resolution and watermarked.  However the non-commercial files generated from this version are intentionally compatible with the special Educational edition we run in Escape. When opened on a college machine, these same files are freed from those restrictions, all nodes are available and render limitations are removed.


Adobe Substance Suite

Availability:  Painter/Designer/Alchemist currently available as a free license for students, renewed on a yearly basis

Notes/Restrictions:  As noted above, ensure the version is kept to the same as that installed in Escape


Adobe Creative Cloud

Availability:  A reduced cloud subscription is available for students

Notes/Restrictions:  The eligibility is more restrictive than most other software, so check carefully if you are able to get this rate


Adobe have offered a process that will allow our licenses to temporarily be used on student home machines.  We are in the process of implementing this, please look out for further comms with additional details as they become available.

Maxon Cinema4D

Availability:  A time-limited free student license is available, subject to eligibility

Notes/Restrictions:  No known issues


Science-D-Visions 3DEqualizer

Availability:  A Personal Learning Edition is available for free download

Notes/Restrictions:  Tracks cannot be exported, and files created using the PLE are NOT compatible with the version used in Escape.  Use for learning purposes only.



BorisFX Silhouette

Availability:  A free student license is offered, submit a request on the link below to check eligibility

Notes/Restrictions:  Not known


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