Qube Renderfarm: Maya Batch Render (Legacy)

How to submit a Batch Render job to the farm


Please note that this method calls Maya on the command line which is prone to issues, and also if we run low on Maya licences, all jobs using this method will be blocked until the end of classes that need Maya



There are NO guarantees about completing jobs to your time scale (including submission deadlines), to have the best chance you should submit and troubleshoot as early as possible.  Once you start to near the final version of your renders, you should submit using the Arnold Kick method for more stability and reliability (also with that method your job will not be suspended to free Maya licenses).


Login to the Linux desktop

Open Maya 2018.5

Check texture and reference file paths (make sure that these are Linux paths)

If needed, use the script in /escape/shares/UG/assets/scripts/qube/ to change Windows paths to Linux (see guidance at the bottom of this document for more guidance)

  • Open up and set your Render Settings:  File Type, File Names, Camera, Render Setup (AOV’s, Layers etc.)
  • Delete history on any complex objects
  • Open the Optimize Scene dialog and choose to optimise the scene by removing Unknown Nodes
  • SAVE as a new version
  • Submit the scene to the Farm within Maya:
    Qube! > Submit Batch Render > Arnold > Render




In Qube!

Set Frame Range


Advanced Job Controls:

  • Flags: Migrate on Frame Retry
  • Agenda (Frame) Timeout: Calculate time per Frame in seconds and add 20% (e.g. if a render takes a minute then this is 60 + 20% = 72)
  • Click Submit Job




Qube! Artist View

Check status of the Job by clicking the job line (this will refresh that job only, meaning lower load on the farm supervisor)

Refresh the entire page with Shift-F5 to get status of all jobs, and see any newly added ones




Troubleshooting (if renders fail, do these steps in order)

  • Check Permissions to use the Farm - you should see immediately on attempting to submit an error message that tells if you if you don't have permissions (email
  • Check paths
  • Make sure that nothing is being read from External Drives
  • Check Qube! Artist View for Error Messages, on both the StdOut Log and StdErr log tabs
  • Make sure that any other renderers are turned off in Plugins (e.g. if you rendering with Arnold, turn off Redshift)
  • Check whether Renders are working correctly interactively in both Linux and Windows (by interactively we mean if you click Render and see it onscreen)
  • Increase ‘Agenda (Frame) Timeout’ and try again




How to use the script

  • Copy the script from /escape/shares/UG/assets/scripts/qube/
  • Paste script into /maya/scripts
  • Open Maya 2018.5
  • Open Script Editor and type in the script below which will load the UI for this tool
  • This will load this UI, where you can input a texture path and replace it with the Linux path
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